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Uploaded thousands of Photos to Google Photos, here are the best classification mistakes

I’m a lazy person who never took time to organize their photos so I got really excited about Google Photos and just finished uploading all my Photos to it. I used flickr in the past but just dumping photos there, even if I can search for EXIF tag data doesn’t make much difference to storing them on a hard disk in a drawer.

Google Photo on the other hand understands what’s going on in a picture. Google uses a neural network which is trained by millions of photos on the web to identify objects in pictures.

This works very well and when thinking about it’s mistakes, the uncanny feeling just amplifies: They are mistakes, they aren’t bugs. It’s not faulty, it’s just a little unexperienced - almost like a child. In fact, I would be very interested in a catogorization standoff between a child and Google.

#Concerts I’m really not sure about this one.

#Dessert Let’s finish this course with a nice bowl of raw chicken.

#Dogs To be fair, you could consider british shorthair the dogs of cats.

#Birds Birds. That’s definitely correct.

#Skylines Bar graph or 8-bit skylines?

Published 2 Sep 2015