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The Future

2015-10-02 10:57:53 +0000

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated with sci-fi and today I’m thrilled to live in the unique age of unprecedenced velocity of invention.

A few years ago, Elon Musk’s idea of building an electric car that can compete with regular cars was a moonshot. It was close to impossible, yet he succeeded.

From todays perspective, this seems like a nobrainer. I found myself recently thinking: “Boohh, cars for individual transportation is to 1900”. Soon, you won’t buy cars anymore. (Sure, that’s something Tesla knows as well and they are still in a good position).

Beside being incrediably fascinating, this velocity has another advantage: You can think crazy sci-fi and see just a few years later how close you got. So I thought I start blogging about a few crazy ideas. Maybe someone even finds themself inspired by those.

Johannes Ziemke

By Johannes Ziemke.
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